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-using the term 'rape' lightly makes me feel sick.
'i'm going to rape that!'
'let me rape you!'
'oh no, you shouldn't have let me do that! rape!'
I just? I feel disgusting.
Like there's something crawling down my neck
and up my arms.
It's almost triggering for me, really.
I just don't understand.
How can you use something so painful,
so degrading and dehumanizing
as the butt of a joke?
as something hilarious?
it's not.
Rape is something you should never joke about,
and never take lightly. Other people will
assume the same, and the severity of it will never
get across.
It's one of the most horrible things
that can ever happen to you. believe me, please.
Please stop turning it into jokes.
I don't care if you're going to make fun of me for being too serious, "it was just a joke."
I understand freedom of speech. I do.
Which is why I can't force you to do anything.
But I ask you kindly, think about something before you say it.
Before you write it. Before you joke
AlmostA friend of mine was almost raped.
She wasn't that close to me.
It was an 'almost'.
I found out secondhand
Second day.
I found out on facebook,
a warning that a friend had 'almost'.
A warning that someone who had seemed interesting, funny, smart could 'almost' to someone he was supposed to cherish.
But, of course, it was okay.
It was only 'almost'. She wasn't that close to me.
She wasn't that close to me, but closer than
Hands lips teeth
Begging crying screaming
The ones that weren't lucky enough
To be 'almost'.
She wasn't that close to me, but closer than
Children weeping in bed, begging Daddy
Not to come back
Women in the street, worrying about
Showing any more than ankles.
She wasn't that close to me, but closer than
One in five women.
I'm very lucky.
She's the closest I've known.
She was human.
He was supposed to be.
It should be unthinkable but he thought it
It should be undoable but he did it
It should be unacceptable,
But we accept it.
We accept almosts and
What she was wearing.
kintsugiwhen you start to think you are
think instead
that you are
fragile pottery knocked over
and shattered
but then repaired
with careful hands
and liquid gold
to fill up all the cracks;
think that you are not damaged
but filled with gold,
because something that has
but survived
is all the more beautiful


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Labyrinth... starring David Bowie, and David Bowie's dick.


Give it up, Cullen, you just can't sparkle like Bowie. :heart:

  • Mood: Rant
The new dA layout just makes me want to gouge my own eyes out.
Seriously, what the hell is this shit? The new deviation tagging thing, where it shows all your tags right there on the deviation page, that doesn't make me want to tag shit, it makes me want to never tag anything again. The front page is nothing but a giant ass smooch - although admittedly, it's better than seeing the same bullshit SPARKLYPINKDESUVAMPIREFANFUCKTION and amateur 3D porn that comprised the old front page - but really, it gives me a fucking headache.
The longer I stick around, the more I wonder why I'm here.

*scoots back to the tiny niche of dA that isn't terrifying and vomit-inducing and never resurfaces again*

edit; just found this and felt like throwing it in :lol:
Stamp: Everything But Art by RottedStamps


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would totally do Bob Seger in a heartbeat. what?

So long, and thanks for all the fish. :heart:

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