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and i wonder if this
is where we lost ourselves,
our castle of bleeding bones
crumbling under the slow
erosion of glass-edged tongues.

idle laughter cuts deep;
the red gets out a little at a time,
and eventually,
we're all whores here --
skip to my lou, my darling.

so we pay people to
teach us to be normal
(diagnose, treat, prevent --
we're disordered, unstable)
lost in suicide fantasies.

forgiveness and fuck start
with the same letter --
because fuck you;
we were never lost to begin with,
and there is no forgiving in me.
skip, skip, skip to my lou,
skip, skip, skip to my lou,
skip, skip, skip to my lou,
skip to my lou, my darlin'.

You brought an image into my mind as I read this and putting in 'skip to my lou, my darling' was a brilliant idea! It made your poem something I haven't seen before. It is definately original and it keeps the reader interested. I favor the way you wrote this, with the not always innocent language. It wasn't something sad or full of love like almost everything you might read, it was angry and new with a whole different perspective in mind.

You're lines were easy to follow and they weren't choppy either.You are a great writer keep it up.
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February 29, 2012
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